[rt-users] "New Ticket" creation screen question

Jerrad Pierce jpierce at cambridgeenergyalliance.org
Thu Nov 6 16:22:19 EST 2008

>        I have a user that wants to know if I can change RT to allow that
> last
> Queue Selection from the "New Ticket" option (in the upper right hand of
> the screen) to STAY as last selected until changed. Her reason is that
> just because she is allowed to create tickets in 10 different Queues,
> doesn't mean she wants to keep dropping down to the bottom to select the
> SAME queue over and over. HHHMM. Did I say that right? Let's try again.
> When she has to create many tickets in a row in the same queue, she
> would like the last queue selection from the dropdown to remain as the
> selection until changed. Is there a way to do that? Anyone?? Thanks in
> advance.

Yes, but it'll take some javascript. Use the appropriate callback to load a
javascript library in the page head. The code will need to find the form
using it's class name select-queue) and install an event handler for
onChange to
store the selected index in a cookie. Your library will also need to contain
a line
or two with a timeout (to allow time for the page to load) that sets the
index of the
select from the cookie.

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