[rt-users] Global Config for "RT at a glance" not taking effect

Max McGrath mmcgrath at carthage.edu
Thu Apr 29 14:43:16 EDT 2010

Thank you Kenn!  But I think I just figured it out!  Let me try to explain
what was going on...

I added the line below to my RT_SiteConfig.

Set($HomepageComponents, [qw(
       QuickCreate QuickSearch MyAdminQueues MySupportQueues MyReminders
RefreshHomepage Dashboards Links)]);

That then gave me the option to add "Links" (a file I created at
$RTHOME/local/html/Elements/Links) to my RT at a glance.  The "Links"
element worked fine after that, but my "QuickSearch" element was now broken.
 So, while I was logged into the root account and my personal account, I
made changes to RT at a glance at the user level for those accounts -- I
didn't change it at the Global level yet -- basically I didn't know what I
was doing!!

Basically, what I'm seeing is, when you edit the RT at a glance at a user
level -- that user has "Opted Out" of the global changes.  Once you choose
"Reset to Default" in RT at a glance at the user level (and log out and log
in) you then take on the Global changes again!

Make sense?

I guess I can now go back to my original question and ask how to get helpful
links available our HelpDesk users RT at a glance.  As I mentioned, how I
did was before was perfect(!) except for that it broke the QuickSearch


Max McGrath
Asst. Network Admin/Systems Specialist
Carthage College
mmcgrath at carthage.edu

On Thu, Apr 29, 2010 at 1:12 PM, Kenneth Crocker <kfcrocker at lbl.gov> wrote:

> Max,
> Sounds like an interesting conundrum. I'll bite.
> When you say individuals can change their *preferences* and they *DO* take
> effect? But the Global defaults don't? *OR* are you saying the Global
> defaults work but when you make *changes to those defaults* they don't
> take effect?
> Also, when you say you commented out the changes you made in RT_SiteConfig,
> there are some settings you DO need, but they just need to be like they were
> before you added the links part.
> And one more thing, when you say you made changes to add these links, did
> you have to create any *local* versions of a *directory/file*? If so, did
> you make a copy of the original *local* *directory/file* before modifying
> it? When I make changes for a local file, I always copy the share version
> over. Then if I make further changes to the local file, I always rename the
> older one file_old.html  (or whatever). That way I always preserve an
> original set of code.
> Looking forward to your answers.
> Kenn
> On Thu, Apr 29, 2010 at 10:21 AM, Max McGrath <mmcgrath at carthage.edu>wrote:
>> Hi all -
>> Sorry to repost this problem, but I'm hoping with a better subject more
>> people will read it!
>> This problem came about because I wanted to be able to add a new Element
>> (I think that's the proper term) on my RT at a glance page full of helpful
>> links for our desk workers (i.e., blackboard, wireless management,
>> directory, res hall registration admin stuff).
>> You can view the original thread here if need be:
>> http://www.gossamer-threads.com/lists/rt/users/93118
>>  <http://www.gossamer-threads.com/lists/rt/users/93118>With help from
>> some people I was successfully able to get a "Links" element on the RT at a
>> glance page; that however seemed to break the "QuickSearch" element.  So, I
>> undid everything I did to try to get back to where I started.  Now, however,
>> any changes I make in global config for RT at a glance (both summary and
>> body) do not take effect for any users that login.  I've cleared the mason
>> data, I've restarted apache, I've rebooted the server, I've cleared my
>> browsers cache, I've tried different machines with different browsers,
>> nothing works.  The only good news, I guess, is that when people login, they
>> can go to their individual preferences and make changes to RT at a glance,
>> and those changes take effect.
>> All changes I made in RT_SiteConfig.pm have been commented out, no
>> permissions were changed or anything like that...
>> Can anybody help me?
>> Thanks!
>> (Again...very sorry to repost this...)
>> --
>> Max McGrath
>> Asst. Network Admin/Systems Specialist
>> Carthage College
>> 262-552-5512
>> mmcgrath at carthage.edu
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