[rt-users] Error with scrip2 'On Owner change'

Franzini, Gabriele [Nervianoms] Gabriele.Franzini at nervianoms.com
Thu Jan 5 09:55:30 EST 2012

>2.-In another account, I open the same ticket and steal.
>3.-I see this in terminal:

>[Thu Jan  5 11:40:44 2012] [info]: <***@cesca.cat> #247/2135 - Scrip 2 
>On Owner Change Notify Owner
>[Thu Jan  5 11:40:44 2012] [info]: <***@cesca.cat> No recipients found.

>Not sending.
>It is normal? I want that RT sent email to Person 1 
>(example1 at example.com) when another person steal her ticket.

I think it is normal behaviour. By the time the scrip is fired, Person 1
is not anymore the Owner, and you (the new Owner) are the author of the
change, so no recipients. 
Maybe there is a way to retrieve the old owner from the Transaction
object, and send the e-mail, with a User-Defined action.

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