[rt-users] Convert incoming html e-mail into plain text

Ruslan Zakirov ruz at bestpractical.com
Thu Apr 25 08:40:53 EDT 2013


TrustHTMLAttachments option helps, but note that content is not filtered in
any way.

On Thu, Apr 25, 2013 at 11:56 AM, Marko Cupać <marko.cupac at mimar.rs> wrote:

> 99% of my requesters submit requests by e-mail from Outlook. Quite
> frequently they send a request which is very long (dozen or so of
> forwards and replies between them before it actually hits rt). It
> results in messages in history window which are too large to display
> (even when MaxInlineBody is raised significantly). So, staff member
> needs to click "download - text/html" link in order to read the request,
> but it is then displayed as html in browser, making it almost
> impossible to read.
> Is there a way to fix this so messages are always in plain text in
> history window? I tried:
> Set( $MessageBoxRichText, 0);
> Set( $PreferRichText, 0);
> Set( $CheckMoreMSMailHeaders, 1);
> But it does not solve my problem.
> Thank you in advance,
> --
> Marko Cupać

Best regards, Ruslan.
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