[rt-users] 3.8.2 to 4.2.3 Upgrade

Yavor Marinov ymarinov at neterra.net
Mon Mar 24 10:29:12 EDT 2014

We've done it like this:

     - install fresh RT version same as the production one
     - import the database from the current production
     - run and update prior to the last version of RT
     - once we've tested that everything is fine, started the update 
procedure in the production RT

There some specific steps that you should follow (for example when you 
dump your current database don't forget to use 
--default-character-set=binary) but i'm sure you've read whole 
documentation already ;)

Happy hunting, and good luck upgrading.

On 03/24/2014 03:31 PM, Jim Tambling wrote:
> Hi
> I am planning to upgrade our RT instance and move it to a virtual 
> machine. As I want to keep RT downtime to a minimum, I plan to install 
> RT 3.8.2 on the new VM, import the database and settings from the 
> current instance and then proceed with the upgrade. Is this the best 
> way to do it? Can you guys offer any suggestions?
> Regards, Jim

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