[rt-users] Unable to paste into Rich Text Editor since upgrading to RT 4.2.4

Martin Janíček martin.janicek at riomedia.cz
Mon May 19 03:29:23 EDT 2014

I have seen this when users are copying text from some MS app (like
Misrosoft Outlook) on Windows OS with shortcut CTRL+C and pasting with

The clipboard contains a lot of MS formating data that RT "doesnt like".

When they use shortcut CTRL+SHIFT+V, then plain text is pasted and it works


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Subject: [rt-users] Unable to paste into Rich Text Editor since upgrading to
RT 4.2.4


Since upgrading to RT 4.2.4, users are unable to paste into the rich text
editor.  Only bothered to reproduce this with Google Chrome on a Mac, as the
error indicates that the problem is browser-wide.


Steps to reproduce:

1. Ensure your configuration has the Rich Text Editor enabled.

2. Reply to any ticket (or compose a new ticket).

3. Click on the text editor to give it focus. 

4. Paste, using keyboard shortcut.


What happens:



What is expected:

Text from the clipboard appears in the editor.


Chrome shows the following errors in the console (where https://redacted/rt
is the root of my RT site):

404 (Not Found) squished-884af658b44cdd5c585766ea0a0518ba.js:3325

   Uncaught TypeError: undefined is not a function


The dynamic GET originates from this file (when un-squished):






A hacky patch that solves the problem for me:





> // Since ckeditor is always used from an /rt/Controller, use '../' to get
back to the RT root directory.

> config.pasteFromWordCleanupFile =




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