[rt-users] Handful of users showing up in owner dropdown but have no access

Mike Johnson mike.johnson at nosm.ca
Fri Oct 10 13:47:59 EDT 2014

I'm misunderstanding something with this I'm sure...

I look at the list of owners for a queue, and there are 5 users that show
up in that list(that shouldn't be there), but when I go to their account,
they aren't part of any groups, and they don't have any rights assigned to
them specifically that I can see(at the user level, or at any queue level).

It seems that I can deselect "Let this user access RT" ("Let this user be
granted rights (Privileged)" on them all are deselected already) and they
drop from the list, but these users need to submit tickets still. They
simply have moved in the organization to requestors only, not having access
to RT for anything else.

What am I missing?

RT 3.8.10.
Thanks in advance!
Mike Johnson
Datatel Programmer/Analyst
Northern Ontario School of Medicine
955 Oliver Road
Thunder Bay, ON   P7B 5E1
Phone: (807) 766-7331
Email: mike.johnson at nosm.ca
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