[rt-users] Auto Create Ticket Scrip

Trev trevor at onepost.net
Sat Jan 10 16:00:54 EST 2015

Hi all,

  4.2.4 on Debian

  Created a scrip that calls a custom template to create a ticket in a
queue when another ticket is created. Seems easy enough, but I am having a
little bit of difficulty implementing it.

  So this is applied to a queue that I am opening tickets selecting... no
'auto tickets' are creating.

  What am I doing wrong or missing?


  The Scrip:

   - Description: New User - Auto Create Tickets
   - Condition:    On Create
   - Action:        User Defined (I've toggled this back and forth from
   Open Tickets to User Defined)
   - Template:    New User - Tickets
   - The 3 boxes below are EMPTY (custom conditions, prep and action...)

  The Template:

   - Name:         New User - Tickets
   - Description:
   - Type:          Perl (default)

===Create-Ticket: IT Security Modifications
Queue           => 14
Subject: Access for {$Tickets{'TOP'}->Subject()}
Owner: {$Tickets{'TOP'}->Owner()}
Depended-On-By: {$Tickets{'TOP'}->Id()}
Content: Please attach approved changes for further approvals and
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