[rt-users] RT4.4.1 ignoring two of four files in RT_SiteConfig.d

Alex Hall ahall at autodist.com
Mon Oct 24 12:57:21 EDT 2016

I've worked around the problem by copying the dbconfig file's text into a
new file, and breaking debconf's contents into three different files. I
have no idea what was wrong with the two files that didn't work, but the
new ones seem to be doing fine. Very strange! I'd still like to know if
anyone has ever seen this, so I know what to avoid in the future, but at
least the system is operating normally again.

On Mon, Oct 24, 2016 at 10:46 AM, Alex Hall <ahall at autodist.com> wrote:

> All,
> I'm more confused the more I look at my configuration files problem.
> According to my system configuration page, RT is loading four files:
> RT_Config.pm, RT_SiteConfig.pm, RT_SiteConfig.d/01-timezone.pm, and
> RT_SiteConfig.d/04-logging.pm. It is simply ignoring 02-debconf.pm and
> 03-dbconfig-common.pm, which are the most vital of the four. I've run
> perl -c on all four files, and all of them come back with no errors. What
> might cause RT to skip two files like this? If the files are invalid
> somehow, where would I find that out? /var/log/messages is reporting only
> the expected warning about my WebDomain being incorrect, but nothing about
> any files failing to load or invalid directives anywhere. I now know the
> source of my problem, but have no idea how I might fix it. Has anyone ever
> seen this before?
> --
> Alex Hall
> Automatic Distributors, IT department
> ahall at autodist.com

Alex Hall
Automatic Distributors, IT department
ahall at autodist.com
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