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Fri Mar 6 11:47:28 EST 2009

Sieng (or anyone in e-mail list),
I know this e-mail is a couple of years old.  Did anyone reply to your #2 question ("2. Can RTIR auto-create a case by accepting an alert (SNMP traps) from my monitoring software.")?  
Regards and thanks in advance,
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siengchye-oh siengchye-oh at xcellinkgroup.com 
Mon Mar 6 05:12:45 EST 2006 

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Hi there,

My company is setting up a security operation centre and I am task to
into the availability of a ticketing system.

I came across RTIR and it appears to be the solution. After installing and
trying, I have stumbled upon some questions which I hope to get some advice
from anyone on the list.

My questions are as follow:

1. I need to define 3 levels of SLA (15mins, 30mins and 1Hour). How do I
configure it in RTIR?

2. Can RTIR auto-create a case by accepting an alert (SNMP traps, email or
others) from my monitoring software.

My sincere appreciation for your help. Thank you.

Warmest Regards,
Oh Sieng Chye

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